Thank you for seeing the website of Kinamiro, a wooden two-storey wooden building important cultural asset founded in 1898.
The rooms have 14 purely Japanese-style rooms that left the atmosphere of the Meiji era.
Also not only in the rooms but also polished hallways and large staircases in the center also make us feel a heavy Japanese culture.

Origin of the name of the inn

once upon a time…
The surroundings of the inn was surrounded by the sea.
From the window side, the shining waves of the sea shimmered, people were looking at it.
The name of the inn "Kinwa Tower" is a name praising the beauty of the sunset set in the Yatsushiro sea before landfill, derived from the fact that the golden waves shaking in the sea could be seen from the third floor with a good view.


The beginning of Kinparo

Meiji 43(1910)
・August Opened the wooden three-story inn "Kinnagaro" in Hinaku-cho, Ashikita-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
・First Lord Kazuro Matsumoto
Taisho 3(1914)
・This Ieya acquisition acquisition relocation
Showa 3(1928)
・2nd lord owner Matsumoto Kenji appointed
Showa 13(1948)
・Expansion of the main hall 80 tatami floor
Showa 24(1949)
・Family hot water foundation
Showa 25(1950)
・Kinparo Tel Holdings Limited Founding Partner Mr. Katsuyoshi Matsumoto
Showa 27(1952)
・Mikasa palace lower base
Showa 31(1956)
・International Tourism Ryokan Federation
Showa 35(1960)
・50th anniversary of foundation
・Honorable Takamatsu-minus
Showa 40(1965)
・New building addition
Showa 42(1967)
・Shinkahara hotel annex purchase renovation
・Rebuilding large public bathroom and conference room
Showa 46(1971)
・Yonago Matsumoto Representative Employee Kinnaguro Joint Stock Company
Heisei 9(1997)
・Rebuild the large public bath · New outdoor bath
・Rest area restoration
Heisei 12(2000)
・Room renovation
・Third generation master Kenzo Matsumoto (Representative)
Heisei 13(2001)
・New gallery
Heisei 17(2005)
・Kyushu Heritage 101 Posted (supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
・Ballroom renovation    ・Meal disposal and relocation relocation transfer
Heisei 21(2009)
・Winner of the Kumamoto Landscape Award
・Registered Tangible Cultural Property (Country) Registration
Heisei 22(2010)
・100th anniversary of foundation


Hinagu Onsen in Kumamoto Prefecture is the oldest hot spring in Kumamoto Prefecture, which was discovered in 1409 years ago (16 years old) 600 years ago from now, and is also called aya filial pike.
The name as a hot spring in Yuji is also high, and its quality of water warms firmly from the core of the body.
The special product of late white soup bath and mother's day carnation bath has been well received.


Please appreciate the taste of the season with plenty of fresh seafood and mountains of the Shiranui Sea.


10,800円(税込 入湯税別)~
15,120円(税込 入湯税別)~
※All the toilets have a washlette type in the guest room.
※There is a separate bath for male and female outdoor hot spring baths for men and women.
Please note that it is not in the room.
※All rooms are non-smoking in order to maintainthe building of National Important Cultural Properties.
We have a smoking area in the hotel.

Tourist information

You can download the guidebook which introduced a lot of sightseeing around Kinparo.
★ Yatsushiro sightseeing guidebook multilingual version click


336-3 Hinagu Kamisai-cho Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-5134
TEL (0965)38-0611 FAX (0965)38-0612

In case of train
JR Shin Yashiro station or Yatsushiro station transfer,
Hiyasatsu Orenji railway get off at Hinagu Onsen station,
12 minutes on foot from the station
In case of a car
2 hours from Fukuoka IC to Hinagu IC
45 minutes from Kumamoto IC to Hinagu IC
Go down the Hinagu IC, go straight on the traffic light,
turn right at the next traffic light (near Ioko Plaza)
and turn right at the first alley to become Kinpasou front entrance.
In case of an airplane
60 minutes by car from Kumamoto Airport
From Kumamoto Airport by bus 60 minutes to Yatsushiro Station
In case of a bullet train
About 25 minutes by car
from Shin-Yashiro station on Kyushu Shinkansen